Gold and Blue

As a lover of summer, I never look forward to the chill breeze of autumn. But Mother Nature is wise.

Think of babies. Babies scream and kick and tense up, refusing to be comforted. But once they do relent, their beautiful big faces and wide eyes make you fall in love with them over and over again. Mother Nature was wise to put such adorable heads on those sometimes incredibly loud screamers.

Likewise, Mother Nature paints the colors of autumn to comfort those of us who are summer-lovers. The turning of the leaves always causes a catch-of-breath at its beauty. But I am most partial to golden leaves against the sky that is a special blue in autumn. Blue and gold.

I always thank Mother Nature for those few precious days when glorious gold brushes the brilliant blue sky…but I am also cursed at this time. 

Cursed, yes.  My life has been punctuated by blue and gold, gold and blue.  I am cursed with ridiculous songs jamming my brain.

Camp songs! My summer camp colors were blue and gold. Color war! Those of you who have been touched by the anachronism of summer camp color war will understand.

To further the degradation of nature’s supreme beauty by silly songs, I am sorry to confess that my elementary school’s colors were also blue and gold. Camp songs and elementary school songs sullying the beauty of the season….

“Blue and gold, blue and gold, blue and gold, blue and gold. To us you never will grow old. To us you have been royal and to you we’ll always be loyal, our dear old, dear old, Whittier School.”

Why? Why, oh why? Why can’t I enjoy the soaring autumnal amazement without my brain dipping down into the gutter to retrieve camp songs and elementary school songs?!

Robert Frost begins his beloved poem, which is set in autumn: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”. Why doesn’t my brain recite that beautiful poem as I gasp at the golden autumn tree, rather than this:

“The Blues are coming and we won't give in
Our team is fighting 'cause we're gonna win”
“Gold is our strength and gold is our spirit
Gold is our power. Get on your feet and let's hear it!”

 OMG! as they say.


©2013 Margery Leveen Sher


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