Why Am I Always Out of It?

I recently learned that you are not supposed to put a nose in a smiley face. I didn’t know that!  Why not? Who makes up these rules, anyway?

I did my usual google research on this and the main thing I found was that this issue has been discussed for years. So….not only did I not know that noses are frowned upon, I didn’t even know that this had been discussed over eight years in the past.

You may think this is a trivial thing to worry about.

Ok. Well here’s something else. I never heard of Duck Dynasty until I read about it in the dinosaur-type entity known as a newspaper. This “never heard of” issue happens to me all the time. I guess it is because I almost never watch the television machine, except for the news.  I have a TV, of course, good as new from the 1990s. In fact, I have another TV in the kitchen. This one I like to watch when I fix dinner. If I move the rabbit ears just right, I can get one channel.

Am I hopeless?

Well what about this? I have one secret addiction. The gossip pages in a magazine are the main reason I go to the doctor and dentist and get my hair cut. I like to be au courant. Trouble is….I can read page after page and never come across a name I remotely recognize. (Except for yours, of course, dear Famous Reader.)

Yes, I am out of it. Isn’t it a terrible contradiction for a Noticer to be so out of it?!

I love Simon Sinek. Do watch his TED talk, if you haven’t yet. But he also insulted me. He categorizes people into a bell curve from Early Adopters (the really cool kids) to the Laggards. Yes, I am a laggard. I know this because Simon made fun of me and my ilk. He said the only reason the laggards got a touch tone phone was that they stopped making rotary phones.

Hmppf! I did like the rotary phone. And dialing the phone numbers that started with two letters. Ha! Now you young kids have no idea what I am talking about. You are so out of it!

Well hey. Here’s an idea. Let’s start a club. Very exclusive. Only those who are out of it can be in it!

Are you in?

©2014 Margery Leveen Sher

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Margery Leveen Sher is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur with decades of experience as a consultant for major corporations and government agencies.  She is the founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice? Project.