I have worked with Margery for the past seven years and have been consistently impressed with how she can work with and communicate with anyone – from families in low-income communities to CEOs and bank presidents. She is an inspiring speaker who somehow manages to mix humor into her stirring and informative talks. She is extremely effective and memorable. 
- Penny Bladich, Senior Vice President & Market Executive at Cardinal Bank 

Margery is a clear and concise communicator, who infuses important information with humor. She is unforgettable as a speaker and has aroused her audiences to standing ovations.
- Ann Sullivan, Owner, Madison Services Group 

I have worked with Margery in various capacities for over a decade, and she still surprises me with her ability to see old issues through new lenses.  Her clever combination of experience and insight always leaves her audience laughing and learning.  
- Jerry Croan, Executive Vice President, ICF International

As an advisor on the art of work-life balance, Margery takes you on an entertaining journey with a fresh perspective on the meaning of success. 
- Helen Stine, Child & Youth Programs, Commander Navy Installations Command 

I have seen Margery connect with a wide range of audiences--from physicians to bankers; from elected officials to venture capitalists. She has an amazing sense of humor, openness, and ability to listen that makes her an ideal person to enter a new environment and immediately garner people's attention and add significant value.
- Diane Naughton, Cavalier Films

Light, fun, insightful, useful
- Steve Dorfman, Chief Experience Officer, Apex Home Loans 

This presentation will be hard to top! Your humor is very much appreciated! 
- Emily Fary, 2nd Lieutenant

This was better than I could have ever imagined! 
- Melissa Smarr, Branch Chief

Fun, engaging and practical! 
- Bob McCoy, John Marshall Bank

Very helpful. Great use of visuals. 
- Bill Fogarty, attorney

Well presented, very relevant content. 
- Renee Queen, Accenture Federal

Great! Creative ways to lead your team. Gained confidence in having necessary, but difficult conversations. 
- Ariana Flores, BB&T

People can remember these points and use them. 
Betty Sharon, Compliance Officer and Counsel

Great, interesting, funny! 
- Whitney Ferguson, Deloitte

Very good – very much fun! Brought things to focus. 
- Gwen McQueeney, Volunteers of America

- Jeffry Slavin, Mayor, Somerset MD

Engaging and creative! 
- Tim Kime, Kime Leadership Associates

A fabulous presentation! Great information, well laid out and presented with a sense of humor.
-  Elaine Gibson, Renewed Living