Nerd, Geek or Dork?

The CON* started it. I might make a statement or ask a question or exclaim about something I read. "Oh you are such a nerd!" she might say. But sometimes she says "Oh you are a real geek!" And every once in a while she might go so far as to espouse the opinion that I am a dork. Once she really went too far and named me a dweeb!

I know she went too far that time because I did my research in the Urban Dictionary. My oh my. What I did learn! And learn I did albeit suffering through atrocious spelling and grammar. Although that might have been the point of the Urban Dictionary....

In any case, I believe I am a dork.

I know for sure I cannot be a dweeb. (I know you will look it up yourself.)

I believe I am a dork because I cannot wait to post my next blog about the amazing planet Mars!!

But that will have to wait because I want to know about you, kind Noticer. Are you a dork like me, or a nerd, or a geek?

Or....are you one of the cool kids, one of the in-crowd....or maybe you are really sick. (urban dictionary sick, that is.)

Me, I'm just a dork. That's pretty obvious now, huh?

*Chief Operations Noticer

©2013 Margery Leveen Sher

Margery Leveen Sher is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker with decades of experience as a work-life balance consultant for major corporations and government agencies. Her latest start-up is The Did Ya Notice?® Project.