Dear Mr., Miss, or Mrs. Noticer,

Gee. I haven’t talked with you in a while. I wonder how you are. 

But…how am I supposed to communicate with you? It seems I must be adaptable if I actually desire a response.
Well, if you are my good friend and we have been through lots together (this means we are relatively the same age), I will email you, of course. And I will hear back from you soon.
But if you are the age of my offspring, my email may well wither on the vine. For you, I better text. Aha, there’s my answer right away!
And then there is the Facebook crowd. For them I must message. 
OMG. I also must tweet to preserve my coolness quotient and post on LinkedIn for my professional creds. 
However….I don’t care how uncool I am; I am drawing a red line in the sand. If you want me to Instagram, fuhgeddaboudit! It’s hard enough to figure out whom I should email, whom I should text, and whom I must message. (Of course, my use of the m after who certainly gives away my age and uncoolness.) And now you want me to Instagram?! Nononononono!
Pinterest? No way in Hades. Plain and simple.
Google+, Tumblr, VK, Flickr, Vine?! Hahahahaha. You will never find me. I am hiding way under my bed covered with a quilt.
But now. But now. But now, I am being told that nobody will become a Noticer unless I use Periscope.  Aiyaiyaiyai!!!!!
This social media stuff has turned me into a cranky, petulant two-year-old. Why must I be the one to adapt to your preferred communication style?! Why must I figure out how old you are, or how tech saavy you are, or how artsy you are so that I know where to find you?!
What was wrong with the olden days when you communicated by calling someone on a big black telephone by dialing the letters and numbers. That worked fine! Today of course you can call someone on their cell, but don’t leave a message for anyone under 40 because they will not listen to a voicemail. It is against their religion.
So here is my formal announcement: If you want to communicate with me, kindly purchase a quill and parchment, write me a nice letter in cursive, put it in an envelope and seal it with wax, and then find a horseback rider who will deliver it to me on a silver tray.
Ah! Them were the days.
Oh but wait….this beautiful invitation on parchment just arrived and it is for a dinner that occurred two weeks ago. Darn! Why do I always miss out?!
Ok ok OK! Soon you will find me on Periscope.

Meanwhile, please click here.

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher


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