Tape Trials and Tribulations

Let’s get back to Human Idiosyn-Crazies ™.

You remember what these are, right? I have a whole section in The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing about them. They are the endearingly dumb things we all do.

See this photo?

I just wanted to get a piece of scotch tape. And this is typically how it turns out for me.

You know, sometimes I have a gift wrapped at a department store. I cruise wildly in my mind from absolute admiration to jaundiced jealousy to rapacious rage watching the person deftly and beautifully wrapping gifts.

Are you one of those people whose fingers and hands work magic on tape, ribbon, and wrapping paper?

Jeez. I bet you got all smiley faces in kindergarten. I did not.

Isn’t it interesting how some people have some talents and other people absolutely do not.

Here is what I do not have:

Ability to get a piece of tape off a roll (don’t even think about saran wrap); ability to open a box without tearing it or opening it from the bottom by mistake; ability to read directions about how to do something.

Here’s what I do have:

Ability to find my lack of abilities very funny.

What abilities or lack thereof do you have? If you can get tape off a roll, can you please come over here and help me?

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher

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