I Wish You a Lopsided Heart

I have been thinking about the heart lately.

As I told you in my last post, How To Live a Life, my brother died of a sudden heart attack a month ago. (And thank you for all your lovely condolences. Each one is very much appreciated.)

Coincidentally to this tragedy, I had been undergoing some tests for symptoms that could have been angina. The good news here is that my symptoms are most likely from esophageal spasms – no big deal and certainly nothing that will interfere with my Noticing. Phew!

So I have been a bit heart-obsessed. And I have been trying to figure out how the heart works.

Not the physical heart – I will leave that to the cardiologists. Rather, I have been trying to figure out our feeling heart, our emotional heart. I think that this heart contracts and expands like the physical heart. And I have come to the conclusion that this heart – the heart that is core to our soul - is capable of great expansion.

I think that every time we are touched by the death of someone we love or even just miss, our heart contracts and gets a little smaller. I think of the deaths of my mother, my father, and now my brother; the deaths of my aunt and my uncles. I think of the deaths of my in-laws and of old friends who I should have kept in touch with more, and even the deaths of great people who we need so much to continue to walk the earth, but who are gone. I think each of these deaths cuts a little piece out of our hearts and shrinks it.

But our hearts grow enormously when we love someone; they enlarge hugely when we have children; they almost explode they grow so big when we have grandchildren. Happy family times expand our hearts. Good friends expand our hearts. Good deeds expand our hearts. Laughter expands our hearts.

So I think the heart can be totally lopsided. One side indeed contracts with each sadness we experience. The other side expands when we are blessed to be touched with laughter and love.

So I have a wish for you, my Noticing friends:

May you have a totally lopsided heart. May the expanded side of your heart be so great that the contracted side is, although not forgotten, not overwhelming you.

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher

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