They Thought the Sky Would Be Green

Nhoj and Eus slowly lowered their craft to the ground. It had been a long voyage and they truly hoped not to run into any people too soon. They just wanted to quietly celebrate their safe arrival, and then rest.

Fortunately for them, they landed in the Australian Outback, one of the least populated places on Earth. The first thing Nhoj and Eus did upon landing was don their helmuts so they could breathe properly. They just wanted to take a few steps in this strange world.

They climbed down the ship’s ladder and were immediately stunned by the sky. This planet, that their scientists had so carefully researched, was supposed to have all the elements to support life. They expected the sky to be a beautiful green like their home planet – a calm and sparkling green from the boron, chlorine, thallium and copper that floated above their heads at home. But this sky was so different….and OMG….it was changing as they stood there. It was blue but different shades of blue and as they watched, the sky moved! White puffs came over them. What are those?

And then, the sky blackened and huge white globs started to take over! Was the sky disappearing??

Nhoj and Eus were mesmerized. But as time passed, the sky turned blue again but began to darken and pink, red, and orange appeared. The visitors could not pull their eyes away from the sky. They didn’t know whether to be frightened or to just enjoy the show. They squeezed each other’s tentacles (which they had made to appear like hands so as not to scare the natives.)

Just then two people appeared. “Hello! I am John and this is Sue. Are you lost? Do you need help?”

“Hello”, said Nhoj and Eus, through their translator voiceboxes. “We are visitors and are amazed by the sky!”

“Indeed”, said John and Sue. “The sky and the clouds are amazing. And now we have the beautiful sunset. This is nothing to ho-hum about. It’s amazing how many people don’t bother to Notice the sky. They are too busy checking off their to-do lists.”

John boldly added, “So I Notice your helmuts. Are they a special kind of motorcycle gear? Very cool!”

“Indeed they are”, said Eus. “Why don’t we meet here tomorrow and we will tell you our whole story? We are quite tired now. What do you think the sky will look like in the morning?”

“Get up for sunrise”, answered Sue, “and you will see a beautiful sight”.

“Thank you, Sue” said Eus. “Goodnight, John”, said Nhoj. And the two couples parted ways for the night.

My dear Noticers: Do you need visitors from a planet in another galaxy to remind you to look up? No, surely not. My fellow Noticers would never take the beauty of the sky for granted!

©2015 Margery Leveen Sher

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