The Hook

What do zippers, trashcans, lettuce spinners, and overcoats have in common?

I love them!

You can read about them on my website. But I have love for something else that I want to share with you:


Have you thought about hooks? A hook is an amazing invention – an elegantly simple solution!

I have been thinking about hooks ever since I hung up my handbag last night. In a fit of brilliance, some time ago I had a row of hooks attached to the wall of my closet. These hooks are where I hang my handbags. Now, why is this wonderful?

Well first, all these bags are hung up and out of the way, and I know where to find them….instead of looking under the bed or behind the hats. Second, they take up very little space hung up this way. It’s like magic. All these bags hung in what would have been unused space, but now is filled with bags stored nicely and out of the way.

I am quite excited.

And it is all due to the Great Hook. Think about the hooks you have in your home and in your office. Certainly on your bathroom door. You might have them in an entry way or in a workshop area. Where else do you have hooks? Look at what you have hung there. Is this not a great invention?! A hook produces neatness where mess might have been. Thank a hook today.

I have magnetized hooks on the side of my refrigerator where I hang potholders. Ha! You lazy refrigerator side! You are put to work now!

I really like stuff that is simple and does a huge job. That’s the hook, for you! Just like the trash can, holding all that stuff for us, waiting patiently to be emptied. Just like the zipper holding our clothes and jackets together, not asking for praise, just doing its job with simplicity and good humor. Just like our overcoats, heroically bearing the brunt of snow, wind, and rain so that we can be warm and dry inside.

Ah! Love your hooks with me!

Oh my, what’s this?! A big hook is coming to pull me away from my computer!!

Good Byeeeeeeeeee….



©2014 Margery Leveen Sher

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Margery Leveen Sher is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur with decades of experience as a consultant for major corporations and government agencies.  She is the founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice? Project, and is currently writing the definitive book on Noticing: The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing.