Super Powers

There is a section in The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing, called Amazing Inventions Noticings. In that section I talk about the absolutely amazing zipper, trashcan, lettuce spinner, overcoat, and newspaper. There are so many more amazing inventions, but today I want to point out one very special invention…and maybe another.

That bumpy rubber thingy that grips the cap of a bottle! Yay for it! It makes me, a 100 lb (well, give or take a few multiples of 10) weakling into a veritable superwoman. If I can open a bottle, I can conquer the world! Ain’t nothin I can’t do now! Why with my bumpy rubber thingy, I can make this discordant world into a world of Noticers, a world of people who appreciate bumpy, rubber thingys and zippers, trashcans, and lettuce spinners as well! Somebody send me a Superwoman tee!

Now sometimes the bottle outsmarts even the bumpy rubber thingy. Then….and here is the other great invention I need to mention…..I get out the pliers! Yes the pliers! Without the pliers, I would never have my iced tea.

Pliers are an invention of last resort. The order is this: 1) Try using your bare hand. If that doesn’t work; 2) Get the bumpy rubber thingy. If that still doesn’t work, then; 3) The pliers will save the day!

I want to emphasize that most of the time the bumpy, rubber thingy will work. I’d hate for anyone to skip step 2 and just keep pliers in your pocket.

I used to have a round rubber bumpy thingy but I don’t know what happened to it, so I got another that is a big square. I liked the little round one better though because it was smaller and because I kept it with my other round thing – the tuit. Whenever I have to do something, I know I can get a round tuit at some point.

Ok. Sorry for this silliness today. I have important work to do now. I need to get a round tuit.

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher

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