Absolutely Power-Mad

Bwaaaa! Hahahahaha! My face is turning green…. now purple….now orange! My eyes have become pinwheels spinning and shooting out lightening! Bwhahahahaha! I am power-mad! I am invincible!!

Yes, I am on a power trip. You may remember that my last blog post was about how powerful I am because I can open bottles with the bumpy rubber thingy. Well now I realize I am more all-powerful than ever!

Yes! With the touch of a finger….just one finger….I can make boring people shut up! I can make self-satisfied “analysts” shut up! I can make singers whose songs grate on my nerves, shut up!

Hahahahaha. Go ahead annoy me. Go ahead. I will just stick out my pointer finger and pussshhh - and you are GONE! Hahahahaha. Bwaaaaa!

Of course, I need to be in a car and you need to be on the radio. But even so.

Ha!!!! Be gone!!

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher

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