Fire Box Magic

In the city where I live there is a magnificent neighborhood called Kalorama.

Kalorama is Greek for “beautiful view.”  This neighborhood is high above the river, and hundreds of years ago there was an uninterrupted view from these high hills down to the river.  And in those days Rock Creek, which runs through the city, was dammed below Kalorama, forming a lake. Here is a 19th century painting of the area. It is a little hard to see because of the sun reflection, but it still imparts a serene afternoon, does it not?

Now where do you think I found this painting? Not in a museum or gallery. It is in a refurbished fire call box! These refurbished fire call boxes are all over Kalorama. Here is one of a horse-drawn carriage galloping out of the fire box!



 Here is a fireman making a call.





Here is George Washington.




How cool is this?!  You are walking down the street and you get to see all this artwork in old fire boxes! Here’s the point: When you visit my city (Washington, DC) or any city, be careful not to spend all your time seeing the typical sites and the museums, as wonderful as that all is. Be sure to find the neighborhoods off the tourist path, and see what magic you can find!

We Noticers have big noses. We have evolved this way so that we can stick our noses into all kinds of stuff and be Amazed, and so that we can follow our noses and wander around discovering exclamation point-worthy things!

Tell me where your big nose has led you. Did you find an exclamation point somewhere?

©2014 Margery Leveen Sher


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