Why It Doesn’t Matter That My Hair Frizzes in the Humidity

The orbiting Hubble Telescope has found evidence of a huge salt water ocean under the ice layer on Ganymede, Jupiter’s biggest moon! The ocean has more water than all the water on Earth. It is 60 miles thick, which is 10 times thicker than oceans on Earth, but it is buried beneath 95 miles of ice.

How do they know? Scientists know that Ganymede has a magnetic field because it produces aurorae (just like Earth), and it is also embedded in Jupiter’s magnetic field. So, by studying changes in the aurorae, they figured out the ocean thing. That’s all I can tell you. NASA’s website is awesome. You can read it yourself and then maybe explain to me how they know this. By the way, Ganymede is the only moon in the solar system known to have a magnetic field.

In any case, it is amazing.

Also quite amazing is that the four largest moons of Jupiter were discovered in 1610 by Galileo!

Another of these four moons is Europa, which is also thought to have an ocean – maybe twice as much water as Earth underneath a surface of water ice.

These moons have their own internal sources of heat. Heat sources and oceans….will we find life forms there? It’s entirely possible.

So when you look at the stars at night do you think….wow! We are on one planet in a solar system with many other planets and moons and asteroids and comets. And this solar system is in one galaxy with so many stars and planets and quasars and black holes. And this galaxy is only one among so many, many other galaxies. And all these galaxies make up the known universe…but are there other universes as well?

Go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=17jymDn0W6U

This is a 6 minute video called The Known Universe produced by The American Museum of Natural History.  It really shows how vast the known universe is – and this is only what we know for sure right now – and what an extraordinarily tiny piece of real estate Earth is within this vastness.

So, realizing all this….does it make one iota of sense for me, or any of us, to be arrogant? Does it make any sense for me, or any of us, to indulge our prejudices?  Does it make any sense at all for me to worry that my hair frizzes on a humid day? 

©2015 Margery Leveen Sher

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