Uh...How Many Years Was That, Again?

In a few weeks I will attend my xx high school reunion. It is the number that shall never be spoken. 

How did this happen? I remember very clearly hurrying through the hallways to get to class, yelling in the stands at the football games, walking home with a load of books in my arms. I have a very clear memory of writing notes during class, of my very best red plaid Bermuda shorts which were perfect for the football games, and of memorizing the phyla for biology class. Wasn’t this all yesterday?

The only reason I believe it really was not yesterday, is that I have been plagued by nightmares ever since.

  • I cannot remember the combination for my locker and the bell is ringing for class.
  • I cannot find my math class. It is room 212, but the rooms are numbers 210, 211, 213, 214. There is no 212 anywhere. 
  • It is the end of the year and I totally forgot about history class. I never attended one class. I never read the book. And now I have to take the exam to graduate. 
  • I never could find my entire class schedule. I had some classes, but clearly others were missing. This problem went on all year. From time to time I would try to talk to the people in the office but I never could get anyone’s attention.

Do any of these nightmares seem familiar? I swear, right now my heart is racing a little at the thought of that history exam coming up. 

What is it about high school that gives us nightmares for decades? 

The other night in my sleep, I finally confessed to my mother that I forgot about history class.  I don’t know what her response was, since I woke up right after the confession, but she was the most patient, caring, and forgiving person you can imagine. Maybe that confession was the resolution of all the angst, and I can go to my reunion in peace. I sure hope so.

Are missing classrooms and unopenable lockers chasing you in the night too? 

©2015 Margery Leveen Sher

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