The Nose and The Finish


I eat a lot of vegetables.

I heard that! Didn’t you just call me a goody-goody?!

Anyway, I am basically a salad girl, and I also eat frequently at a vegetarian fast-food place where they flash steam the veggies and then you choose all kinds of extras to add like avocado and various seeds. I am kind of a prehistoric forager, thankful to be able to forage at a counter.

Most of the time I just gobble up my salad or steamed veggie bowl, enjoying the melding of the flavors and textures. But today I realized: As a Noticer, I should do a much better job with my beloved veggies!

I decided to concentrate on each specimen in my steamed veggie bowl today, cleansing my palate in between with a bite of quinoa.

Ah. The sugar snap peas. The sugar snap peas have an obvious nose of green; fresh spring green arising amid Sting’s Fields of Gold.

The green beans. The green beans are reminiscent of crunchy water springing from the fertile fields of Maine, with a surprising finish of mossy forests.

Broccoli the beautiful. Broccoli the fractal. Broccoli the chameleon. Lightly steam the broccoli and it transforms into a subtle combination of textures with a bouquet of the forest primeval.

Zucchini with its quiet strength. Zucchini is the one you search for in the knowledge that its subtlety will stand up proudly to the green potency of the sugar snap peas.

And blanketing all this vegetarian transcendence from nose to finish is the astounding avocado. Buttery, rich, sophisticated, nothing compares with the avocado. It is the Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar of vegetables.

So that was a pretty good lunch to Notice, don’t ya think?


©2017 Margery Leveen Sher

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