The Music Mystery

I am quite special.

I must be because music is following me wherever I go. Not always, but often enough to have become a real mystery.

I walk down the street and it is uncanny. The music is not loud, but it is exactly the type I like. Where is it coming from? It is definitely behind me but when I turn around, I see nothing that would bring music to my ears.

There are a few people walking, but they are a couple of blocks behind me, so it couldn’t be coming from them. There are no cars passing with radios blaring.

Where is this music coming from? I don’t know so I just accept it and enjoy it like some Zen master, knowledgeable in the fact that not everything is knowable.

Suddenly, I hear a buzz and the music stops.

Wait a minute….

I reach into my back pocket for my phone and I see that I have a new text message…and I see also that somehow, some way…

Pandora has turned on.


Yes, it seems that my own phone in my back pocket under my jacket was the source of the lovely music.

Hmmm. Sometimes the mystery is way more exciting than the truth, isn’t it?


©2015 Margery Leveen Sher

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