The Last Time

I think of my mom every day even though she passed away 18 years ago.

I often think of how when I visited her and my dad in NJ, my mom and I often took a day at the outlet shops in the NJ Meadowlands. We would have a shopping day with lunch; just hanging around together, trying on clothes and “saving” tons of money in discounts. Spending time with my mom was always pleasant, low key, and fun.

I don’t specifically remember the last time we did this shopping together. I only remember that this was a regular practice of ours. But in fact there was a last time, a final time for our outlet shopping. Of course, I didn’t know when we were having our grilled cheese sandwiches together in the little coffee shop that that day was our last time.

It really makes me think. We never know when the last time is. The last time we shop with our mom. The last time we have dinner with a friend. The last time we take an early morning walk.

I don’t intend this Noticing to be depressing. Rather, it is a reminder to Notice.

Thinking about “the last time” brings me back to my life theme: Notice what you are doing. Savor the present. Enjoy the good and the fun and the worthwhile. Notice what you don’t like and work to make it better. Live your life with an active brain and with kindness.

Abraham Joshua Heschel coined the term “radical amazement.” Be radically amazed at what you see and what you can do. Cherish the time you are together with beloved family or friends. You never know if it is the last time.

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher

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