The Incredible Delightfulness of Sniffing

She put her whole head up against the huge bin of peaches and sniffed. She sniffed again and again and then moved to the next bin of nectarines and sniffed some more. She finally moved back slowly and seemed to smile. I do believe her tail moved in a slight wag.

She walked slowly down the lane of the farmers’ market, sniffing this way and that. She seemed to be seeking new smells that would delight her.

She stopped at the parsley and kale and sniffing began again in earnest. But then her eye caught the melons and she couldn’t be stopped. Speeding over to that bin, she bowed her head and sniffed and snorted.

Sauntering once again down the lane, her nose first held high and then dropped low so as not to miss a sniff of something good, she seemed totally enchanted to come upon the herbs. She didn’t seem to be able to tear herself away from the thyme and rosemary and lavender and oregano and tarragon and mint! She sniffed and sniffed until she seemed almost dizzy.

What’s that you say? Dogs aren’t allowed in the farmers’ market in your town? You say what? Because nobody wants dogs sniffing and drooling on their food?

Who’s talking about dogs, anyway?

This is a story about me.

©2014 Margery Leveen Sher

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Margery Leveen Sher is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur with decades of experience as a consultant for major corporations and government agencies.  She is the founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice?® Project, and is currently writing the definitive book on Noticing.