The Forces of the Universe

Did you ever have this kind of experience? Whenever I find a product that I really like, it is discontinued soon thereafter.

This has happened to me over the decades. I find a lipstick I like. When I use it up and want to buy another, it is no longer made. I find a comfortable bra that does its work well. The next time I am looking, I find the style has been discontinued. Even my favorite frozen yogurt shop has gone into bankruptcy.

It makes me think that my tastes are strange. Nobody else must like what I like since evidently the market for “my” products is not there.

Or is it simply that the forces of the universe are teasing me? “Haha. You like something? We will make it gone!”

Or maybe the forces of the universe are challenging me. “Ha. Don’t think things are so easy. You think you can go into a store and within minutes get what you want? I don’t think so.”

Or maybe it is a strategy of the manufacturers to sell more. I have learned that it is probably wise to buy more than one pair of the same shoes if they are comfortable.

Or maybe I am reading meaning into random events.

But it is a pattern, I assure you. Does this ever happen to you? Guys, I know you probably don’t have the bra and lipstick issue, but maybe you have others like this?

Are we being manipulated? Teased? Challenged?

Or should I just go with the flow and focus on more important things?  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

©2015 Margery Leveen Sher

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