A Life of Service

I just feel really lucky.

I provide comfort to anyone who comes by. And I also get to be in the middle of everything.

Now sometimes it does get lonely. There are days when I am all by myself the whole day. But even then, I get to look around at my lovely surroundings and I am truly content.

So much happens around me. The best times are when there is a party and I am surrounded by people eating, drinking, talking, laughing. Other times just a few people around me are talking. Sometimes movies are watched. It is all fascinating.

I have also been a key part of sad times, and I think people are glad I am there. They kind of collapse around me and find solace with me.

One person is particularly attached to me. She calls me “hers”.  A little too proprietary, maybe. She often comes to me at the end of the day with a huge, loud “I am done!” But I am used to her by now and am glad to help her relax, although, if I might complain just a little….she snacks around me and sometimes leaves crumbs on me.  And then, would you believe, she takes this little hand vacuum to me! Would you like to be vacuumed off? It is humiliating.

Ah well. I do believe in counting my blessings. I am quite good looking and people seem to enjoy my shape. I am usually in the middle of the action. And hey, really…what could be better than a life of service?

Yes I am blessed.

Now hold on! Who is this stranger? Aiiii! He is getting ready to flop down with his big dirty shoes on!

“Sir! No!! You can’t put your dirty shoes on the ottoman!”

“Sir, please understand. Shoes are not allowed on the ottoman!”

“What? You are asking me who am I to tell you what to do?”

“Well, sir. I will tell you who I am.”

“I am Margery’s Big, Comfortable, Living Room Chair! And you, sir, are now in a lot of trouble.”

“Uh oh. Run, sir, run! Here she comes! And…aiii! She has the vacuum!”


©2015 Margery Leveen Sher

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