I have a serious ailment. It is called:

Refer Encebo Oksynd Rome.

It can be referred to, by its initials, as REOR. REOR is a disorder that takes up much of my time. I’m surprised there aren’t TV commercials touting a new drug for it. I fear that the only reason Big Pharma hasn’t made this a money-maker yet is that it is so rare.

Is it really, though? Please tell me you suffer from REOR too! 

By the way, if you want to refer to REOR by its full name, it is pronounced:

REFer ensbu k sind rom (long o).

Yes, it’s true. I love to read reference books!

There is such excitement in reading a dictionary! And a thesaurus is full of fantastic, incredible, magnificent, marvelous, outstanding, astounding, phenomenal, remarkable, sensational, wondrous, dynamite, and peachy words! 

Reading an encyclopedia can enthrall me for hours. I know Wikipedia sometimes draws snickers from snobs who wonder at its accuracy, but I love it! And I have already told you about my overwhelming happiness in finding The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge.

Ok, ok. We have already established that I am a dork.

But just think of the dictionary! I was given a beautiful dictionary for my high school graduation that I treasure to this day. It has a lovely leather cover and the pages are edged in gold. I do love that book! But I also love It gives you a word of the day!

Did you know that punnet is a small basket for holding fruit? Why I have two punnets on my kitchen counter right now, and I didn’t even know it! I carried them back from my beloved farmers’ market just a little while ago.

Cathexis means the investment of emotional significance in an activity, object, or idea. Did you know that? I did not. But it seems I have a cathexis with my dictionary.

So, Noticers, with what do you have a cathexis?

©2014 Margery Leveen Sher

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Margery Leveen Sher is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur with decades of experience as a consultant for major corporations and government agencies.  She is the founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice?® Project, and is currently writing the definitive book on Noticing.