Not Exactly Pete Seeger’s Question, But Still

I know. I know. I could ask all kinds of questions. Weighty, important questions like: Why are there always wars? Why are some people so unkind? Why is the ocean salty? Why does Pluto only have five moons?

I know you think about those kinds of questions all the time. But today, I want to ask some others that have bothered me for a while.

Why do the things I count on disappear?

Now, I admit this blog post will turn out to be from a woman’s point of view, but I bet you guys can come up with your own examples.

So the problem is that once I decide I love something; that I must have it; that it solves all my problems; sooner rather than later, it disappears. It is no longer sold.

Take, for example, lipstick. You may grab a lipstick from the counter and say, “This looks good. I’ll take it.” Not me. I have spent a good part of my life looking for the perfect lipstick. (Yes, I am too a feminist!) Eventually I decide to settle for one that will do, even if not perfect. I use it up and then go back to the store for a replacement. It is never there. Never. It is not in “this season’s collection”. It is gone and I am back to the drawing board.

May I discuss bras? The holy grail of fit, comfort, serviceability, and attractiveness is just that: the holy grail. Impossible to find. However, when I finally come close enough to the grail and purchase the piece, I often want to replicate that purchase after a while. But, no cigar. It is always discontinued. What is it about this? I won’t go into any theories about uniqueness of boobosity resulting in poor sales for any garment I like.

Ok, just one more proof of concept. Yogurt. Specifically frozen yogurt sold in frozen yogurt shops. I have spent several happy summers in my city, walking from one frozen yogurt shop to another sampling the wares. These shops were plentiful, one or two in every neighborhood. I loved them from the bottom of my heart. The fun of eating frozen yogurt while walking down the street on a hot summer day cannot be surpassed.

Where have all the yogurt shops gone? Now maybe you don’t think this is as important a question as Pete Seeger’s, Where have all the flowers gone? But the closing of the yogurt shops is a terrible turn of events, in my view. I am bereft.

So listen. What do you think about this problem of disappearing things? Am I the only one worried about lipstick, bras, and yogurt?

What’s that? I am bringing up a ridiculous issue? You would rather that I comment on this exemplary US election season? Ha!

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher

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