Lucky to be Sweating on the Hilltop

On good days, days when I don’t have to be at an early morning meeting, I start my day by working out. First I do all the exercises that decades worth of physical therapists have taught me. I have quite a repertoire because not too much time goes by before I injure myself yet once again. Now many of you know that I really value laughing at myself. I also value cheering myself on. Here’s my cheer:       

                  Give me a K! Give me an L! Give me a U!

Now you know how this is going. Yes, I am quite the klutz.

I am currently doing physical therapy exercises for a sprained ankle and for an old neck injury. I have many stories about how I end up face down on concrete on a regular basis, but this being a G-rated blog, I will not relay the story of The Purple Boob.

Anyway, after I go through all those exercises, I set out for my morning power walk. One of my routines is to march uphill for a half hour, and when I summit the mountain (ok, the top of the hill on Connecticut Avenue isn’t really Everest, but still), I am quite proud of myself. I am also sweating bullets.

But I am also feeling so very lucky. By the time I reach the summit, I have walked through lovely neighborhoods of huge trees, townhouses of character, and old mansions. I have passed people running and people walking their dogs. Early commuters are weaving their way through the streets. Café keepers are sweeping and hosing off their sidewalks. I cannot think of a more lovely way to start my day.

I simply am in awe of my luck.

Last week I heard Immaculee Ilibagiza give a talk about how she survived the Rwanda Genocide. I have been thinking about the Holocaust survivors I am acquainted with. I also know that right this minute, there are about 20 million war refugees in the world. Yet I live where I don’t have to worry about bullets being shot outside my window each night. I know where my next meal will come from. I have a terrific bed to sleep in each night. Yes, I am in total awe of my luck.

And that is why, as I stand in my sweaty teeshirt on the hilltop and look around me, I catch my breath. Not because I have trotted uphill, but because I am aware of how lucky I truly am.

©2015 Margery Leveen Sher

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