Laundry, Type A’s, and a Nobel Prize

I have really thought a lot about this. Self-examination is a good thing, they say, so I was determined to determine why in the world I love to do laundry.

I have absolutely no affinity for any other type of housework. I have a talent for averting my eyes so as not to see work that unquestionably should be done.

But laundry! I love doing laundry! When I get home from work, I change my clothes and then put in a load of laundry before I do anything else. This is sacrosanct, and I have done it daily for my whole adult life.

You might question where I get all this dirty laundry. After all, it is just my husband and me in the house now. Well I generate a lot. I have confessed before that I only use a towel once. I know. I know. It is very un-ecological and a big sin. I am sorry. Besides the towels, there are always things to wash. Of course the clothes and sheets, but it is a good thing to wash blankets from time to time as well. Anyway, I find enough dirty laundry to keep me going, believe you me.

But why do I love it?

After much introspection on this important topic, I have come to the conclusion that I love things that allow me to multitask because then I feel all the more accomplished. Yay for me! Not only have I written this piece about laundry – a Nobel Prize level essay I believe – but I have also washed my whites at the very same time. How fabulous is that?!

There aren’t that many machines that allow you to multitask. There is the washing machine’s sibling, the dryer. And there is the dishwasher. And there is a crockpot, which I don’t have, but still admire. What else? Of course, you can leave things to cook on a stove or oven, but that doesn’t count for me because I am always paranoid that the house will burn down so I am constantly watching. Oh yeah, the refrigerator. But still, that doesn’t give me the same level of excitement because it is always doing its thing. It’s not like I have to start it up and then it takes over. Can you think of other excellent machines that allow you to multitask?

Anyway, you see now why the washing machine is the perfect machine for a Type A. My laundry is clean and my Noticing for today is done. 

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher

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