I Noticed:

I noticed that the horror of Newtown is the horror of America.

          Guns everywhere.

          No easy, stigma-free access to mental health care.

          Children slaughtered.

I noticed that the beauty of Newtown is the beauty of America.

           Neighbors and strangers offering solace everywhere.

           Religions joining hands in common prayer.

           Stricken families cocooned in a sea of comforting arms.

I noticed that we are a generous, caring people who come together to help others rise up from tragedy. Some tragedy cannot be prevented. Some tragedy can be.

Can we come together with our passion and compassion to prevent, rather than only console after the heartbreak?

I noticed that sometimes we do join together as a nation. I hope it is now, in the name of little children.


© 2012 Margery Leveen Sher