Einstein and Me

Last week I wrote about how I am nosy and like to poke my big nose into things. That Noticing got me to thinking about what I am not nosy or curious about. There are, indeed, things that I don’t want to know anything about. How about you? It might be worth your time to make two lists – Things I am Curious About and Things I Couldn’t Care Less (CCL) About. Here are the top 5 on my CCL list.

1.              How to lay tile. (In fact, how to lay carpet or wood flooring would be a CCL as well. I am definitely not a DIYer. But, on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind learning just a little about plumbing and electrical work.)

2.              How to be a zookeeper. (Definitely not. No ifs, ands, or buts here.)

3.              How to rappel down a cliff. (No, that’s ok. I don’t need to know how to do that. I’ll watch you and that will be enough for me.)

4.              How to play the piano well. (Tried that for the most miserable sidetrack of my childhood. I was an abysmal failure and let’s leave it at that.)

5.              How to play football. (Sorry, fans, I am not with you. Run, fall down, run, fall down. It seems like a grown-up version of London Bridges.)

Now this makes me feel really good because I have put these things on my CCL list and I don’t have to give them another thought. Think of the time that will save me. Think of the guilt that I don’t need to have. I never again have to say, I should learn how to lay tile so I can renovate my own bathroom. No, now I am free!!

On the other hand, my Curious List is huge. I’ve given a lot of thought lately to math and physics. I know nothing about these things, but I would like to. I have started by buying the book How Not To Be Wrong (love the title!) by Jordan Ellenberg and now I have to read it. This book is about how basic mathematical principles work in everyday life. So that will take care of math. Now for physics, I’ll have to see what simple video or something I can find on the internet. Then I can check physics off the list.

I certainly need to keep adding to my Couldn’t Care Less list as well. That way I am actually producing time…time I otherwise might be spent worrying about how I don’t know how to lay tile or care for zoo animals. Whoa, ho! I think this is physics - I am expanding time! Wow - I’m just like Einstein!

Well, well, well. I must already know physics! It must have seeped into my head while I was asleep. Let me go check physics off my list. I’m done! Yay!

©2016 Margery Leveen Sher

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