Breaking News: Fuddy-Duddy Surrenders

You know I am an old fuddy-duddy.

That was evident in my Noticing entitled The Maltreatment of Grammar.

As you know, the subject and verb must match. If one is singular, so must be the other.  Thus: “One person’s grammar book is missing. Where could his or her book be?” Not: “Where could their book be?”

“Their” is plural. One person is singular. They do not match!

Ah, but now everyone says “their” for singular! Not only people on the street, but news anchors and other television “authorities”, as well. It has become acceptable! Nobody wants to fuss with his or hers.

Ah, we are a lazy people. But I surrender!

As I write my Did Ya Notice?® Project book, I am using “their” to refer to singular as well. I am sorry, Mrs. Sullivan. You taught me so well in fifth grade and now I am acquiescing to the vernacular.

Even the Oxford Dictionary states that it is now acceptable form to use “they” and “their” referring to a singular.

Sigh. I surrender!

©2014 Margery Leveen Sher

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