Better Than a Crocus Blossom

This is a day of joy! Better than even a crocus blossom, the bold clock hands skip a beat (or 60) and jump ahead and shout for joy that spring is here and there is no turning back! Hooray!

Yes! Spring! The crocus will pop up and join the clock’s dance of spring. Why before you know it, yellow daffodils will be leaping up and begging us to smile.

The sun will slow its path and stay up late to prod us to go and do and savor the outside and stop cocooning under a blanket on the couch hiding from cold winds and bitter ice.

This is not the day to bemoan the loss of an hour’s sleep. This is the day to sing praises to the clock and the sun and the promise of teeshirts and flip flops to come.

©2014 Margery Leveen Sher

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Margery Leveen Sher is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur with decades of experience as a consultant for major corporations and government agencies.  She is the founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice?® Project, and is currently writing the definitive book on Noticing.