A Most Delightful Exclamation Point

A truly wonderful thing happened to me this morning!

As I was walking home from my beloved farmers market with tomatoes and basil and peaches and my happy yellow flowers in my arms, an exclamation point bounced down upon my nose.

An exclamation point to my excellent morning, that is. I was walking down a residential street in the city. Beautiful old townhouses lined the sidewalks, and on this particular street, the townhouses were set back and lovely gardens filled the spaces between the front doors and the sidewalk.

As I ambled along, I heard a voice. “Would you like some rosemary?” I looked around, and up an incline a woman was holding huge scissors near a bountiful bush. Would I ever! As I thanked her and climbed the stairs to receive this surprise, her beautiful retriever opened his eyes for just a second before drifting off again.

The smell of the rosemary was the perfect addition to the scent of the basil and the perfume of the flowers. 

Another secret of city living: people are kind; dogs are sleepy; and the markets with their displays of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers is the finest art there is.


2013 © Margery Leveen Sher


Margery Leveen Sher is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker with decades of experience as a work-life balance consultant for major corporations and government agencies.  Her latest start-up is The Did Ya Notice?® Project. Her motivational speaking is certain to draw many a laugh and many an aha.