People are Stories


Are you as nosy as I am?

You may remember that my hobby is street-walking…that is, walking around the city staring and spying on people.  I love to wear sunglasses so that people don’t know I am giving them the eye. But often I just saunter close to people, trying to overhear.

I have heard many fascinating snippets that make me wonder what in the world could be their whole story.

In less than an hour I heard these tantalizing tidbits:

“I’m really sorry to hear that, Mom, but….”

WAIT! Don’t cross the street! I want to hear more!  Really sorry to hear what?? What happened to Mom? And why isn’t her daughter more willing to help? What is that “but”? Is she trying to get in her own story? Is she telling Mom that Mom’s story is more of the same oft-told tale? It didn’t sound as if she was actually “really sorry”. Why not? Am I going to like this daughter, or am I going to decide she is an entitled brat. Oh, did I tell you I am also very judgmental?

“I have a question and I want you to be completely honest.”

Uh oh! We have heard that one before, haven’t we? It is code for the recipient of such a request to RUN! This cannot end well. HEY - SLOW DOWN! I can’t keep up with you! I want to hear more! What is the question? I’m sure I can answer it completely honestly for you.

“Who are these people who write ten page restaurant reviews?? I’m unemployed and even I don’t have time to write such stuff!”

LOL! Well this person had a point. And who wants to read all that anyway? Either the restaurant is going to make my lactose-intolerance catch fire, or it isn’t. That’s all I need to know. What kind of person writes long, long restaurant reviews? And what could they possibly say that takes all those pages? Even a description in a novel of a restaurant meal would not be that long. An editor would take the red pen to that!

Now you see the torment of a nosy person. The people who are having these phone conversations will cross a street, rush ahead like a marathoner, or slip into a store – leaving me salivating to hear more but having to fill in the blanks all by myself!

Life is so unfair to a nosy person.

©2018 Margery Leveen Sher

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