The Edge of the Earth


I walked to the edge of the Earth.

It was dark and chilly and I was alone in the vastness of space and shore.  The sea showered me with a cold mist, and its roaring was both alarming and comforting.  Slowly, slowly, the earth began to subtly light.

I was overcome with awe.  Golden light began to filter through black clouds.  The sky separated from the sea and began to show its deepest blue through salmon, jasmine, and vermilion streaks.  A fireball rose slowly from the edge of the vast ocean, and reflected back onto the waves.

Creation recurred.  Light came from darkness.  The sky separated from the sea.  The land separated from the water.  An awesome miracle took place, as it does every time our Earth turns round.

The sunrise out of the ocean is proof that there is no greater beauty than that which surrounds us day after day, month after month, year after year.  There is no such thing as a hackneyed, trite, tiresome sunrise out of the ocean.  The gift of natural beauty cannot get old.

The walk to the edge of the Earth in the chilly, dark morning was my birthday gift to myself.  In my mind, I will be untying its bow and gasping at its majesty, for the rest of my life.

© Margery Leveen Sher 2017

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