Bees, Turtles, and a Planet

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I am totally blown away by the amazing universe. Do you know why these three things are grouped together in the title of this Noticing?


It is the Awesome Hexagon! I have been urging people for quite some time now to Notice the Awesome Hexagon. Have you been paying homage to this most deserving shape?

There are lots of amazing shapes and patterns in nature. Consider the repeating patterns of cauliflower and broccoli. Consider the spirals of the nautilus and the ram’s horn. Consider the stripes of a tiger and the stripes of windblown sand in the desert.

But another totally mind-blowing shape in nature is the hexagon! A bee’s honeycomb is composed of hexagons. A turtle’s shell is composed of hexagons. And…about that planet…

Wow! Yowza! Holy Cow!

In 1980, the Voyager spacecraft discovered that over the north pole of Saturn is a giant hexagon! Now run immediately to the NASA website. The Cassini spacecraft just crashed into the planet after a 13 year run photographing the planet, its moons, and its rings. Did I say Yowza?! The movie on the NASA website shows this hexagon in action. We now know that the hexagon is a jetstream of air moving around the pole in a hexagonal path with a myriad of storms within. But why is it a hexagon?

Why indeed. Let’s ask the bees.

©2017 Margery Leveen Sher

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