I Hate Starbucks!

I hate Starbucks. Ok, forget the fact that it has taken over every city block everywhere, and I prefer to support mom-and-pop shops. But what kind of species are we? We like a million choices and then we want to be able to add further customizations? I bet, though, that most people always order the same thing once they decide.                                                                                                                                  
Double frappuccinno with a shot of this and hold that. If I want a plain cup of coffee, I have to choose among five kinds! Who cares?! Just give me my joe!!                                                                                   
It takes 10 minutes to order this fattening, chemical laden garbage, and the lines are out the door! Worse still, we succumb to learning a totally new Corporate Language, something pseudo Italian! If I want small, I need to order tall. Why do I have to say Venti when I want medium? I say stick with English. If Starbucks wants to live in America, it should learn our language!   Ha!                                             
35 choices on the posted menu before you even start with a customization. What the heck is in that frappuccino, macchiato, vivanno? Oh, give me an iced peppermint white chocolate mocha for 400 calories, and bring over a hoist and pulley to get my fat butt out of the chair afterwards.  I am more than annoyed by Starbucks Corporateland!!                                                                                                                
© 2011 Margery Leveen Sher