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  • Training Magazine (2016) 4 Steps to Becoming a Better Trainer
  • Canadian Manager (2016) How Getting a Lot Done Can Get in the Way of Major Success
  • The Noticer's Guide to Living and Laughing: Change Your Life Without Changing Your Routine (2014)
  • Blogger since 2008 The Did Ya Notice? Project
  • Blogger since 2012 The Huffington Post
  • Dupont Current (2012) Dupont Circle Market is Weekly Highlight
  • Washington Post (2008) Readers’ Favorites. Places to Pretend and Ponder
  • Columnist for Work & Family Connection (WFC) Newsbrief (2008). Articles include: Helping Companies Communicate Through the Economic Crisis; Globe-trotting Conferences; It's Not that Hard Being Green
  • Co-author WorldatWork Journal (2008) A Framework for Conducting Work-Life Return on Investment
  • Washington Post (2003) In Washington, the Joy Is in the Details
  • Work/Life Today (2003) Use Sound Scientific Research to Show Work/Life Benefits
  • Columnist for the Washington Business Journal (1995-1996) Articles include: Deciding What Benefits Best Benefit the Company; Putting Fairness into Workplace Policies; Facetime vs. Flextime: More Choices, Conflicts
  • Columnist for annual CARE newsletter (Companies As Responsive Employers) (1995-2003). Articles include: What is a Valid ROI Tool? (2003), Child Care: Slow Lane in the 20th Century - Let's Hit the Gas in the 21st”(2002), Work-Life in Changed Times (2002), Flextime: The Aspirin for Recruitment and Retention (2001), An Answer to Recruiting Problems (1999), Flexible Work-Life Options Possible for Small Business to Implement (1995)
  • Cover story for Zero to Three (1995) Work-Life Consultation: Improving the Lives of Children, Parents, and Employers. 
  • Forward written for Community Playthings Catalogue (1995)
  • Child Care Options: A Workplace Initiative for the 21st Century (Oryx Press, 1994)
  • Cover story for Personnel Administrator (1989) “What to Do with Jenny”

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