Excerpt from The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing

Merry Christmas! And Why I Love America


Yesterday, before I went to work, I did some errands up and down the block where I live.

First, I greeted the street vendor and bought a drink from her.  “Merry Christmas.” she said.  She is a Muslim.

Then I went to the market across the street to get some milk.  “Merry Christmas,” said my friend the check-out clerk.  He is a Buddhist.

I was lucky to find the cleaner’s delivery truck pulling up as I opened the door to the shop.  “Merry Christmas,” said the driver from under his Sikh turban.

To each one, I replied with a hearty, “Merry Christmas!”  This from a nice Jewish girl.

So Merry Christmas everyone, by which I mean good wishes for peace on Earth, goodwill toward everyone, and hope for a healthy and happy new year.  A year in which we all find joy in helping others, our Earth, and the quest for peace.



What kind of diversity do you see in your area?  Do people from different countries live near you?  Is there diversity in religion, race, ethnic background?  Is there diversity of ages?  Are there elderly people living near you?  Young, single people?  Families?  Or is your area mostly homogeneous in some way?  How?  Who have you talked with, who is most unlike yourself?  Was it an interesting conversation?

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