I am a huge believer in celebration.  You too?

As we all know, life throws mud at us from time to time.  But this just makes it all the more important to celebrate things that are good whenever we can.

I strongly believe in Noticing and celebrating the “small things.”  Things like the first warm sun of spring on your back as you walk down the street.  Things like a tiny park hidden in the middle of a huge city.  Things like the smells from a kitchen where someone is preparing the good stuff; sautéed onions, cinnamon breakfast rolls… a golden batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I also believe in parties.  (Now this is beginning to sound like a strange religion… ‘a believer in celebration and parties!’)  But I do love to throw parties.  Of course there are the usual birthdays or Fourth of July weekends, but I think this year I will throw parties to celebrate coziness on a winter day, or the first flower of spring, or maybe even just a party to celebrate Tuesdays!

Tuesday is a nice day, and often neglected.  People are always moaning about Monday, Wednesday gets the special name, Hump Day, Thursday begins the weekend celebration (at least if you are under thirty), and Friday gets to kick off the weekend.  Only poor Tuesday is left out!

But Tuesday is a good solid day.  By Tuesday, we’re finished complaining about the work week starting, and we really buckle down.  It’s a day of accomplishment.  It’s a day of goals. We believe we can still accomplish a lot in the days to come. Tuesday is an optimistic day, and we should give it a party of its own!      

So celebrate what strikes you as lovely.  Celebrating the regular holidays is important, but celebrate other stuff too.  Celebrate getting a bunch of stuff done!  Celebrate being warm inside on a freezing cold day!  Celebrate being outside on a beautiful warm day!  Celebrate Noticing something new!  Celebrate throughout the year.

Party hardy, as they say.  Life is good and sweet, and when it’s not, kick the bad in the butt with a party!


© 2004 Margery Leveen Sher