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The Did Ya Notice? Project Gives Back to the Community

The Did Ya Notice? Project sponsored the Northern Virginia CARE Awards (Companies As Responsive Employers) for comlanies that are family friendly and give back to the community.

 Margery was pleased to volunteer her time to discuss Noticing with this ESL class at the Campagna Center in Alexandria, VA.

What We Do

The Did Ya Notice? Project™, LLC was founded to encourage you to Notice the world around you while you go about your daily business of working and caring for your family, yourself, and your community. Noticing is mindfulness, meaning being alert and in the moment. You know, we need to look up from our screens sometimes because life is more than just a checklist! Noticing fosters creativity. You will be surprised at what you can discover at work and at home. Noticing will also tickle your sense of humor. The Did Ya Notice? Project has two streams of work.

One part of our work is to assist businesses by teaching employees to Notice. Noticing is essential for team-building, better communications, and for innovative leadership. Our Chief Noticing Officer, Margery Leveen Sher, speaks to conferences and employee and client retreats and teaches unforgettable lessons on Noticing. Margery’s keynote is entitled “Notice What You See and Be a Hero at Work.” Margery also has a number of articles in journals, LinkedIn Pulse, and The Huffington Post

The second part of our work is to make the world a world of Noticers. Margery blogs weekly about things she has Noticed. Her new book is The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing – Change Your Life Without Changing Your Routine. You can also find Margery and The Did Ya Notice? Project on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About the Founder & Chief Noticing Officer

Margery Leveen Sher is the Founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice? Project™.  Margery is a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and executive who has had a long consulting career working with corporations, government agencies, many non-profit organizations, and foundations. She founded and successfully developed a for-profit consulting firm, over 30 non-profit organizations, and two charitable funds. She has a book and numerous articles on various aspects of work-life balance.

Margery's latest book is The Noticer's Guide to Living and Laughing.

Margery has received a number of awards for her work over the years. Most recently Congressman Gerry Connolly read a commendation into The Congressional Record to congratulate Margery on her decades of work. 

Margery holds a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from Rutgers University. She is also excellent at getting people to laugh.

Interviews with Margery

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